Cheese Graters

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  • Grattugia Ghiro Cheese Grater

    Electric and extremely reliable cheese grater suitable for hard cheeses such as parmiggiano.

    Suitable for household use. Suitable for grating small quantities of cheese on a regular basis.

  • Strong electric cheese grater
    Horsepower: 0. 5 HP Hourly Production - 30kg/Hour Weight: 8 Dimension (LWH): 10.35" x 7 x 11.75" Body made from solid food grade steel & aluminum for strength Hopper Dimension 5" x 3" Drum Dimension - 5" x 3" Designed for hard cheeses or bread crumbs in small or large amounts. Home,cafe & small restaurant size. Made In Italy
  • Handheld cheese grater

    Simple, yet very effective manual cheese grater. Suitable for soft or hard cheeses and also suitable as a citrus zester.

  • Manual cheese grater

    Complete with 2 changeable grating drums – fine and coarse, as well as a storage container.

  • Cheese Grater

    Small grater to prepare cheese, ideal for domestic use but also indicated for semiprofessional use. Beautiful, functional, practical and a hard worker. In spite of its small dimensions it can process an exceptional quantity of product. In conformity with all norms in force, it has overload protection, an interlock at the grater presser that is started when the safety limit is exceeded, a stainless steel grid is assembled to avoid contact with moving devices.

    A real mechanical and design masterpiece. Our Mignon Grater, already successfully used at home, can also solve small community, hotel and boarding house needs.

    DESCRIPTION Body made of food grade non-toxic polypropylene, 66 polyamide lever and 18/C stainless steel disks. Rubber suction pad with 66 polyamide mechanism. Fitted with three disks that cut in 5 different shredding options. Easy to disassemble for an accurate cleaning. Dishwasher-safe. USE Shredding options include an extra-fine grater disk to grate parmesan cheese, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, to chop nuts and make bread and cracker crumbs. A medium grate disks for vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, onions etc.; turning the side of this disk you can get a coarse grating for soft cheeses and other types of vegetables. With the third disk you can slice carrots and potatoes on one side and on the other you can chop potatoes into sticks.