Commerical Pasta Machines

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  • Imperia Restaurant R220 Electric

    Features include

    • Roller length of 220mm, width of sheet 210mm
    • Maximum roller opening 5mm
    • Patented regulator knob, with 10 numbered thickness settings


    Electric Restaurant Pasta Machine

    The electric professional pasta machine is ideal for restaurant, hotels and large organisations, prepares a 210mm wide sheet of pasta.  Built in stainless steel and easy to clean with safety guard.  Cutters available.

    Manual Restaurant Pasta Machine

    Manual version of this strong all steel pasta machine. Ideal for restaurant and clubs. Complete with roller unit, tray, handle and clamp.  Cutters available.

    Electronic Restaurant Pasta Machine

    The electronic Restaurant pasta machine, ideal for semi-professional for use.



    • Dough mixer accessory prepares 1kg of dough in 5 minutes.
    • Attachments for Restaurant Pasta Machine - Various single cutters available

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