Preserving Accessories

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  • Plastic Bottle Jar filling Funnel
    Made from food grade non-toxic polypropylene. For wide mouthed jars with and attachment for narrower preserving bottles. USE The funnel has a wide neck with attachable refining nozzle at the base which allows you to fill large and small jars with thick liquids and sauces with no spillage. Suitable for jam, marmalade, chutney, honey, sauce, fruit salad, fruit juice, olives etc. Top: 177mm Bottom: 55mm Reducer: 39mm
  • Preserving clips

    The Preserving Clip is an integral part of the preserving process, as it holds the lid in place during the process, whilst allowing air to be expelled from the bottle, creating a vacuum seal. Clips are only removed 12-18 hours following completion of preserving process, once vacuum seal is secured. Preserving Clips are made in Australia from electro-plated spring steel.

    Packets of 12.
    Size 2 Clips fit bottles: 3, 10, 19.
    Size 3 Clips fit: 14, 20, 27.
    Size 4 Clips fit: 31, 36, 65.

  • FOWLERS VACOLA Preserving lids

    Most Lids are available in Standard and Stainless Steel.

    Standard lids are tin-plated with a lacquer coating, double-coated on the inside to food grade and single-coated elsewhere. Stainless Steel lids provide a ‘longer life’ alternative and should be used for all high acid preserves, including pineapple and pickles.

    When preserving, lids are placed on the bottle on top of the preserving ring and secured with a clip. When first put on the bottle, the lid appears convex, which will change to concave after processing, indicating the vacuum seal has formed.

    Packets of 12.
    Size 2 Lids fit bottles: 3, 10, 19.
    Size 3 Lids fit: 14, 20, 27.
    Size 4 Lids fit: 31, 36, 65.

  • Preserving rings

    The Preserving Ring is the key to the sealing process and thus preserving success.

    The ring provides an even, airtight seal enabling a vacuum, so that your preserves, may last for years. We strongly advise that the rings be used only once and should be disposed of after opening processed bottles. Re-use of rubber rings will hinder or prevent the sealing process, with potential loss of contents as a result.

    Fowlers Preserving Rings are made from natural rubber and are packed in Australia.

    Size 1 Rings (Item 6401) fits old style Fowlers 1 pint fruit juice bottle
    Size 2 Rings (Item 6402) fit bottle sizes: 3, 10, 19.
    Size 3 Rings (Item 6403) fit: 14, 20, 27.
    Size 4 Rings (Item 6404) fit: 31, 36, 65.

  • Preserving wax

    Fowlers Preserving Wax is the perfect airtight sealing agent for jams, pickles, chutneys and relishes.

    The airtight seal it creates ensures freshness and longevity, especially favoured for those preserves with a high vinegar content, such as pickles and chutneys.

    When a longer storage time is envisaged for jam, preserving wax assists in eliminating crystallisation and discolouration due to oxidisation.

  • Jamsetta

    Jamsetta is a unique pectin product which guarantees even the novice jam-maker a perfectly set jam first time, every time.

    Jamsetta gives professional results whilst reducing the cooking time necessary to achieve maximum colour, flavour, texture and ‘gel’ more anxious moments. Jamsetta has a strong and loyal consumer following and is used all year ‘round.

    Available in 50g sachets.

  • Aluminium preserving pans
    • Another good pan for jam making
    • Good conductor of heat
    • Available in 11 lt, 15 lt, and 20 lt
  • Preserving the Italian Way

    Pietro De Maio is a Melbourne born GP from Italian parents. He has been collecting traditional Italian recipes mixed with childhood memories from his travels and traditional Italian upbringing.  Includes preserving vegetables and fish, making cheese and salami, tomatoes and other produce, preserving fruit in grappa, baking bread and preserving olives. This wonderful, entertaining and witty book is for the enthusiastic cook and for anyone who appreciates the rich traditions of Italy.

  • Spremi sample batch press
    A variety of sizes and styles of fruit presses. Suitable for eggplants, olives and many other types of fruit. Bench top and free standing types available. The Spremi press comes in 3 sizes the inner and outer cages are made up of full stainless steel. Maxi 20cm diameter x 14cm h-4.3lt Medi 17cm diameter x 12cmh-3.7lt Spremi 13cm diameter x 11cm h -2.5lt