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  • Eno press
    • The Eno Press are single continuous presses suitable for small and medium wineries, for pressing freshly picked grapes, crushed destemmed grapes or fermented marc.
    • They are also utilised to extract juice or liquids from fibrous products.
    • All models are actioned by an electric motor, except for models 250 and 300 which may be actioned even with an universal drive.
    • On models 250 and 300 a geared reduction unit permits a screw rotation of 11-12 rpm while on models 350 and 400 a speed variator reduces even more the rotation of the screw from 3 to 9 rpm.
  • Manual hydraulic press

    Hand operated, 2 piston operation, with hard wood cage staves. Available in diameter 50, 60, 65, 70, 80, 90.

  • Rachet press

    Wooden manual ratchet press, with steel base and high quality finish.
    Available in diameter 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, 80, 90.

    Also available are stainless steel cages and bases.Sizes available are 15@50 diameter 

  • Water bag press

    Working with water enables you to get a very high yield in the extraction of juice from fruit and vegetables.Pressure develops uniformly towards the outer cage throughout its whole length.

    Available sizes:

    20 lt

    40 lt

    80 lt

    160 lt

  • Sample batch press

    A variety of sizes and styles of fruit presses. Suitable for eggplants, olives and many other types of fruit. Bench top and free standing types available. 

    The Spremi press comes in 3 sizes the inner and outer cages are made up of full stainless steel.

    Maxi 20cm diameter x 14cm h-4.3lt
    Medi 17cm diameter x 12cmh-3.7lt
    Spremi 13cm diameter x 11cm h -2.5lt

  • Stainless steel fruit press

    Construction in full stainless.






  • Wood press

    Traditional wood press 19 diameter x 28cm-9.5lt

  • Fruit press
    • A variety of sizes and styles of fruit presses.
    • Suitable for eggplants, olives and many other types of fruit and vegetables.
    • Bench top and free standing types available.
    • Body in full stainless steel.
    • Heavy duty fruit press for larger jobs.
    • High durability and extra strength.
  • Pneumatic press

    Standard Features:

    • Made of stainless steel
    • Rotating wheels with double break
    • Quiet fan for a fast airflow til +0,2 bar
    • Quiet fan for vacuuming the membrane
    • Central loading with optional manual valve
    • Automatics AS
    • Separated manual operation
    • Safety cord with interlocks on sides and on the back of the press
    • Big door opening
    • Express 5 and Express 8 with one sliding door
    • Express 11 and Express 15 with two sliding doors
    • Special: easy cleaning under the sliding doors
    • Supply voltage 400V, three-phase
    • Big collection tray on rotating wheels and a sieve on the outlet
    • Declaration of conformity CE
    • PED documentation



    • Quiet vane BECKER compressor
    • Automatics AS
    • Express 5, Express 8: valve on central loading DN65 or DN80
    • Express 11, Express 15: valve on central loading DN65, DN80, DN100
    • Acoustic signal when press is full when central loading
    • Express 5, Express 8, Express 11: supply voltage 230V, single phase
    • Different supply voltage (220 – 440V, 50-60 Hz)
    • Leg extensions on the framework and the collection tray
    • Non perforated doors for maceration
    • Double sliding doors on Express 8
    • Sliding tray