Harvesting Equipment

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  • Battery operated saw
    • Battery operated saw is ideal for all your pruning needs.
    • Offering a perfect cut without damaging the branch.
    • Attaches to a battery pack with an optional pole that extends up to 3 meters
  • Olive collection net

    Olivspeed is an extremely versatile net catcher for picking
    hanging fruits, which can be operated by one person alone and
    is available in a basic version (manual), a Plus version (with a
    universal gripping system) and Go Plus version (motor-driven).

    • It saves you time as the net does not have to be laid out on the ground: it performs a “fan-like” movement and,once open, covers the entire area where the olives drop and enables them to be collected directly in the crates positioned on the equipment.
    • It can be used on rough land due to its compact size and motorized drive (Go Plus version).
    • It is indispensable for harvesting in terrace olive groves, due to the innovative system for opening the net catcher positioned on the operator’s side.

    Made in Italy, the umbrella has an opening of 7metres.

  • Campagnola Alice

    Campagnola has always been a symbol of reliability and innovation, continuously researching and developing useful and practical products to suit the needs of the agricultural world.

    After years of trial and development, Campagnola have coupled the most efficient, hand-held methods of displacing olives with the finest and most reliable materials available to bring you the Alice electronic olive harvester. Using dual combs with varying finger combinations to suit a broad range of varieties, the Alice works by moving each comb in an precise elliptical motion, giving each individual finger its own range of movement. This unique reciprocating motion proves extremely effective at removing olives of numerous varieties and works especially well on unpruned trees.

    As both sets of fingers move in opposing directions, the majority of vibrations normally felt by the operator are cancelled out making the Alice very easy to use for extended periods of time. At 280mm, the thermoplastic fingers will dislodge the most hard to reach olives without removing large amounts of foliage.

    Technical Information

    Trolley & power source

    The Alice requires the purchase of an 80-amp hour, 12-volt battery and charger. The Power 12 battery trolley is included in the Power 12 package supplied by Campagnola.

    Autonomy: Alice = 1 full working day with an 80 amp hour, 12v battery with a consumption rate of 7 to 8 amps per hour.

    Power 12 control unit and cable

    • ON/OFF switch with LED light.
    • Dual speed control switch: 1150rpm - 1250rpm (Elektra only).
    • Power supply cable at 15m.
    • A 12v brushless motor with air-cooling system.
    • Power saving feature – motor will reduce rpm when harvesting head meets no resistance from branches.
    • A total weight of 950g.

    Alice Aluminium extension poles

    Both the Campagnola Alice electromechanical olive harvesters have easily interchangeable parts including fixed and telescopic extension poles:

    • R5 - Fixed extension pole 1.7m  (weight 800g).
    • R4 - Telescopic extension pole 1.35m – 1.82m (weight 980g).
    • R6 - Telescopic extension pole 1.82m – 2.7m (weight 1300g).

    Alice head unit specifications

    • Double rake with opposing reciprocating and rotary motion.
    • Magnesium, fibreglass and aluminium construction.
    • Speed – 1150 rpm.
    • Teeth made from durable thermoplastic resins.
    • Perfect for smaller, hard to harvest fruit and unpruned trees.
    • Weight - 1300g.


  • Kaiman

    For a RAPID and POWERFUL pruning

    VOLPI SPA presents the new Kaiman, innovative electric pruning shears, designed to satisfy all the users looking for a high value product with superior reliability.The NEW KAIMAN is RAPID, POWERFUL, light and, thanks to the new ergonomic form, very practical to handle. It two full days of working autonomy.The Kaiman blades are made by a special steel, particularly resistant, to allow an accurate and easy pruning in full autonomy.

    Up to 40 mm

    designed for adjusting to any kind of pruning.

    CUTTING HEADworking with sealed bearings with no need for maintenance or set up.

    to make more comfortable your pruning work.

    PROGRESSIVE CUTwith two selectable operating positions and a perfect blade position control.

    The BATTERY is fitted in a knapsack, functional and ergonomic, which perfectly adjust to the user position.The equipment includes also an adjustable belt with a holster for the shears.

    WEIGHT : 895 gr.
    CUTTING TIME : 0,30 s

  • Karbonium

    Designed with oscillations at high frequency.

    The Evos transmission is inserted into a blinded box, where its lubricated gears made of high resistant steel are mounted on bearings. A high capacity electronic motor of 500w.

    Comes in 2 models AL 2OO/K 1.7-2.5M telescopic arm and the AL300/K 2.1-3.4m telescopic arm both model are attatched to a 12v battery and both have a 15 m length cable.

  • NGR16 Vibroli

    The Vibroli is an innovative olive harvester with a 12 v battery operation.It carries 2 elastic spheres with sticks, each one with individual vibrating motion and 360 degrees coverage.

    Suitable for all olive varieties.It has a high productivity rate and is availabli in lengths from 2.4m up to 3.4musing an extension.

    Due to its motion and the soft material of its elastic sticks the new model does not damage the branchesleaves or the fruits of the tree.

  • Pneumatic Harvester

    The tuono harvester is fitted with the classic 'diapason' or tuning fork shaped fingers used by the Olistar Metal Top and the Olistar Evolution before it. The maind design improvement of the Tuono is the new short stroke system, which reduces the rake opening and increases its speed to 1800 beating movements per minute. This not only allows for a more vigorous harvest and a reduction in defoliation, the short stoke system also reduces the amount of free air required to run the Tuono. While all other pneumatic harvesters manufactured by Campagnola use 200 litres of free air per minute, the Tuono only uses 150.

    Like other Olistar variants, the Tuono features a body made of magnesium alloy which reduces stoppages in areas of low temperatures and areas of high humidity. The Tuono is light weight at 1kg and is well balanced for comfortable use for extended periods.

  • Pneumatic secateurs
    • These air operated pneumatic secateurs are extremely light and easy to handle for extended periods of time.
    • They require a working pressure of 8 to 10 bar.
    • Maximum cutting capacity is approximately up to 28mm diameter branches.
  • Picking machine
    • The Pick Machine is a lightweight picker which operates with a simple 12V battery and can also be connected to the battery of a tractor or car.
    • Equipped with a cable, a telescopic and extendible rod, a comb like mechanism of rotating titanium teeth which allows for easy picking of any kind of olive.
    • It does not spoil the plant nor cause leaf stripping.
  • Picking crates
    • 56 x 35 x 31 cm - 40 lt
    • Ideal to transport the fruit from the grower to the processing plant
    • Vented sides and bottom gives aeration and reduces risk of damage to fruit and disease
    • Crates stack securely on top of each other for easy transport, and once harvest is finished they are stackable within each other for easy storage
  • Picking bins
    • Picking bins available in 3 sizes, 580, 730, 780, and in vented or non-vented versions.
    • Made of heavy density polyethylene and UV stabilised, a non porous surface resistant to mould or disease carrying organisms.
    • Lightweight with interlocking foot design for safe stacking.
  • Netting

    Heavy duty netting, measuring 10mt x 10mt and 12mt x 12mt with reinforced edges and corners with eyelets. Suitable for harvesting, placing on floor of grove, long lasting and strong.

    Sizes available 

    6m x 6m

    8m x 8m 

    10m x 10m

    12m x 12m

    The net has a central cut in the middle enabelling you to wrap the net around the trunk.

  • Olive Picking Rake
    Olive Rake - * Plastic rake head with 9 plastic fingers 12.5cm wide. * Drag the rake through the tree to harvest ripe olives. * Can be used hand-held or hollow mounting socket will accommodate a handle. * colours vary