Filters & Pads

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  • Filters & Filter Pads
    • Designed to meet demands of small and medium wineries and olive groves.
    • They are made of full stainless steel.
    • According to the type of filter pads used you can refine, clarify or sterilize your wine, oil, vinegar, liquor or herbs.
    • Pads range from a VO-V24.
    • The filter machines have the capacity from 100 to 5000 litres per hour.
  • Tandem Filer for Enolmatic
    Designed and tailor-made to operate with ENOLMATIC. With TANDEM and ENOLMATIC filtering and bottling are performed at the same time . The vacuum operating mode allows to maintain the original product quality and features, while avoiding spoilage and wastage. The product is always handled in the most natural way throughout the process. Tandem offers easy handling and reliable filtration under the best sanitary conditions. ENOLMATIC & TANDEM THE PERFECT MATCH FOR SIMPLE AND FAST FILLING OF PRODUCTS IN LINE WITH TRADITION Filters are available in 5, 1 and .5 micron ratings. The filter cartridges used with this housing can be cleaned and re-sanitized for future useage.