Dough Mixers

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  • Dough mixers

    Designed and manufactured in Italy, these heavy duty mixers produce small and large quantities of dough for bread, pizza and cakes. Chain driven and noiseless, these mixers are reliable, durable and easy to clean.

    Available with fixed or removable bowls.

    Sizes available:

    Capacity Flour Bowl Volume
    5kg 3kg 7 litre
    7kg 5kg 10 litre
    12kg 8kg 15 litre
    18kg 12kg 20 litre
    25kg 17kg 33 litre
    38kg 25kg 40 litre
    44kg 30kg 50 litre


  • Grilletta 5kg Dough Mixer
    Despite its size, it is very powerful and effective and has low consumption and noise levels. Perfect for several different types of dough, especially soft ones, for bread, pizza, cakes, flat bread (piada) and so on. This model is perfect for home kitchen work. Dough capacity: 5 Kg Flour: 3 kg Water: 2 L Dough quantity per hour: 18 kg/h Minimum dough guaranteed: 0,3 kg Motor power: 0,5 hp Inner wiring: 24 V (low voltage) CE compliant accident prevention system CE compliant safety microswitch Colours avaiable at extra cost. Power supply: 230 V - 50 Hz CE compliant Weight: 23 kg Dimensions: 25 x 45 x 35 cm Colours at extra cost Variable speed model $2150 Standard $1250 Colour $1350