Butchery Supplies

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  • Salami Making Kit

    Kit includes:

    1 x no. 8 manual meat mincer

    1 x mincer knife

    1 x 4.5 mm mincer plate for sausage mince

    1 x 14 mm mincer plate for salami mince

    1 x sausage filling funnel

    1 x salami filling funnel

    1 x sausage/ salami pricker

    1 x ball natural twine

    2 x 55 mm diameter dehydrated skins

    1 x 1 meter of 38 mm diameter cacciatore skin

    1 x 1 meter of no. 12 netting to suit 55 mm dehydrated skins

    1 x recipe booklet

    1 x storage container

  • (Ø70mm/42cm) Dehydrated Salami Skins

    This quality product is made from natural dehydrated skin, not a synthetic material. To rehydrate them we recommend a quick dip in wine to wet both the inner and outer skin and fill. As with any dehydrated product the more the skin is in contact with liquid the softer they will become and will be more susceptible to breakage.

    • Ø70mm/42cm - 10 pack approx. 1.3kg meat – each skin approx. 1.3kg meat. Suitable for size #14 netting.
  • 30 x 40 ITALIAN Made Cry Vac Bags pack of 25
    ITALIAN Made Cry Vac Bags 30 x 40 pack of 25
  • Timber Prosciutto Holder
    Stained timber base with stainless steel clamps.