ETC220 labeller

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ETC 220 avialable

MEP's Etc range of semi-automatic labelling machines are ideally suited to the small to medium sized producer. 

Able to fill and apply a range of different label sizes to a range of bottles, the Etc range provides the producer with flexibility. The Etc range can apply labels to both the front and back of bottles, or alternatively one continuous label around the circumference of the bottle. Either round or square shaped labells can be applied, offering further flexibility. Constructed from grade plastics and stainless steel, the Etc range offers cleanliness and low maintenance needs. Simple end easy to use, the Etc range offers an efficient and cost effective labelling solution able to meet a range of producer needs.

Different models within the range provide extra flexibility when labelling, the Etc 230 can apply labels to both the front and rear of bottles, and the circumference. The Etc 230 offers the same with the added specification to apply neck labels; the Etc 240 offers the same as the 220 and 230, and can also apply labels to round and square shaped bottles. 

Key Features: 

- Constructed from stainless steel and food grade plastics 

- Suitable for both square and rectangular sized labels

- Simple and efficient to use

- Optional stainless steel support frame 

- Optional date stamping device 

- Optional sensor to detect bottles with existing labels 

- Etc 230 model can apply neck labels

- Etc 240 can apply to round and square bottles 

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