Fruit Picking Tool

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Iron / Cloth fruit picking cup. Suitable for most fruit. diam 14cm bag length 18cm HANDLE NOT INCLUDED

This Fruit picking cup is an useful tool which make it possible for picking fruits without climbing a ladder, with no damage to the fruit or tree.

Suitable for picking apples, oranges, pears, persimmon, prickly pears, etc

Easy to use, convenient, practical and SAFE for fruit picking. Great tool for orchard workers too.

Use the teeth of the ring to cut fruit down then let them drop in the bag.

Note a handle is not included - fruit picking head only. Simply place on the end of a wooden stick of desired length. Metal base of the picker has pre drilled holes if you wish to screw into a wooden pole, otherwise it has a tapered shape so it will grip on to a wooden pole well.

Made in Italy by Falci.


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