Jolly 50 - destemmer

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Jolly 50 - destemmer

Centrifuge destemmer made with a circular destemming basket diameter 300mm.The rotation of the basket and of the destemming shaft occur in the same direction to avoid lacerations of the stalks. Destemming shaft comes with rubber coated paddle. Internal transmission parts are made in stainless steel and antiwear plastic support bearings.

Available in the following models: smalted iron; completely in stainless steel. On all models the basket and the centrifugal pump are made in stainless steel. The machine is completely opened centrally, allowing the carrying out of the operations of maintenance and cleaning in a simple way.

Features :

  • Capacity 5000 kg/h
  • 3 HP electric motor with starting capacitor
  • Centrifugal pump in stainless steel
  • Basket in stainless steel, professional type anti-laceration (optional)
  • Destemming shaft with rubber tips
  • Loading screw in rubber profile (optional)
  • N°4 wheels with brakes
  • Safety guards in stainless steel or smalted iron
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