Catering Equipment

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  • Tray / Box Fast Food Sealer
    Tray / Box Fast Food Sealer Technical features: Machine dimension: 260x300x500 h mm Weight: 20 kg Voltage: 110 V-60 Hz – 230 V-50 Hz Power consumption: 0,5 kW Structure: Stainless steel 430 Film reel dimensions: 150 mm ø160 mm Max tray dimensions: 205x150x100 h mm Fixed mould: Yes Multiform mould: Yes Cutting die mould: No Programs number: 5 Working: Manuale Cycles per minute: 6-8
  • Grattugia Ghiro Cheese Grater

    Electric and extremely reliable cheese grater suitable for hard cheeses such as parmiggiano.

    Suitable for household use. Suitable for grating small quantities of cheese on a regular basis.

  • Drum grater in stainless steel
    Drum grater for parmesan cheese
  • Microplane Handheld Grater
    Updated handles for a Classic Zester This version of the classic Microplane zester/Cheese Grater has a premium soft-touch handle and non-scratch end tabs. This tool grates even the hardest Parmesan Reggiano as well as other hard cheeses into fine lacy wisps.It also wonderful for effortless citrus zesting, leaving the bitter pith behind. It is also a great tool for grating spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and even chilies into fresh ground powders. If your dish requires fresh grated ginger or garlic, this tool will do that job as well. Handle colour may differ.
  • Strong electric cheese grater
    Horsepower: 0. 5 HP Hourly Production - 30kg/Hour Weight: 8 Dimension (LWH): 10.35" x 7 x 11.75" Body made from solid food grade steel & aluminum for strength Hopper Dimension 5" x 3" Drum Dimension - 5" x 3" Designed for hard cheeses or bread crumbs in small or large amounts. Home,cafe & small restaurant size. Made In Italy OTHER MORE COMMERCIAL SIZES: 1Hp $1550 + gst Power supply (Volt/Hz) 230/50 - 230·400/50 Motor power (Kwatt/Hp) 1,10 (1,50) Gir/m Grater (RPM) 900 Grater production per hour (kg) 90 Grater Mouth (mm) 140x80 Stamped grater roll (mm) 140x75 Net weight single/ (kg) 20,0 Gross weight single (kg) 22,0 Packing dimensions (mm) B. 300 D. 470 H. 520 1.5Hp $1800 + gst Power supply (Volt/Hz) 230/50 - 230·400/50 power (Kwatt/Hp) 0,75 (1,00) Gir/m Grater (RPM) 1400 Grater production per hour (kg) 70 Grater Mouth (mm) 140x80 Stamped grater roll (mm) 140x75 Net weight single (kg) 18,0 Gross weight single (kg) 20,0 Packing dimensions (mm) B. 310 D. 400 H. 400
    DESCRIPTION Body made of food grade non-toxic polypropylene, 66 polyamide lever and 18/C stainless steel disks. Rubber suction pad with 66 polyamide mechanism. Fitted with three disks that cut in 5 different shredding options. Easy to disassemble for an accurate cleaning. Dishwasher-safe. USE Shredding options include an extra-fine grater disk to grate parmesan cheese, nutmeg, ginger, chocolate, to chop nuts and make bread and cracker crumbs. A medium grate disks for vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, onions etc.; turning the side of this disk you can get a coarse grating for soft cheeses and other types of vegetables. With the third disk you can slice carrots and potatoes on one side and on the other you can chop potatoes into sticks.
  • Cutter

    Cutters have been designed for multitasking food processing, mincing, cutting, mixing and homogenizing.

    Heavy duty stainless steel machines easy to operate and clean with pull-out lid, blade and basin for dishwashing basin completely.

  • Small Pomegranate and Citrus Press/Juicer
    Bring out the best in citrus with the help of professional juicer for citrus / pomegranates! Extremely solid and stable, the juicer is made of cast iron and has stainless steel strainer, materials that provide long-lasting endurance. 22 x 17.5 x 3.3 cm, Height: 39 cm Maximum Height 71.5 cm with lever . Height base/Cone: 12.5 cm ø 12.5 cm (approx.) Press cone/Height: 5.5 cm Simple to use and easy to clean, the professional juicer is ideal in the kitchen whenever citrus needs to be juiced, and is also suitable for juicing pomegranates. Instructions: Before the first usage, wash the product with water and liquid detergent. Cut the fruit in half and fit on the squeeze strainer then press the crank that will lower the press on the fruit. The strainer remove pulp and seeds, so you enjoy only fresh and natural juice. The strainer and cup are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Large Pomegranate and Citrus Press/Juicer
    Pomegranate press/ juicer High banco. Ideal for juicing oranges and pomegranate. Material: Cast Iron/Stainless Steel Handle and Rubber Feet , with 2 suction cups base, for greater stability base, completely removable anti-slip mat, easy to use and clean Size: 24 x 17.5 x 3.3 cm, height: 39 cm, maximum height 80 cm with lever. Height of stand / cone: 17.5 cm cone Ø approx. 13 cm Height of cone / press: 5 cm
  • Flywheel 300 slicing machine

    The flywheel slicing machine was born exclusively to recreate the "way we were" atmosphere. Even if precious and beautiful it remains a professional machine able to easily cut various kinds of cold meats and salami. It is assembled in full respect of the ancient and laborious processing, and this slicing machine suitable for traditional butcheries, refined wine bars, fashionable places and obviously why not your home.

    Available upon request.

  • Slicers
    • Professional slicers in aluminium casting
    • Hygienic, anti-corrosion and easy to clean surface
    • Standard sharpener supplied

    Blade sizes available:

    220mm also available in red

    250mm also available in red



    (larger sizes available on request)