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  • Brass bocce

    Brass bocce balls. Suitable for competition. Sets meet the regulations outlined by the Australian Bocce Federation. Many sizes and weights available. Sets come complete with 4 bocce balls, 1 jack and 1 carry bag.

  • Professional Fibreglass Bocce Set - Various sizes

    Fibreglass bocce suitable for recreational needs and for use by some bocce clubs. Sets come complete with 8 bocce ( 4 of green and 4 red), a jack and a carry bag.

    Made in Italy. Laser engraved balls say "Made in Italy". By the official supplier to the world bocce champions for more than 20 years. 3 Sizes available: 80mm 100mm 107mm

  • Bags

    Bocce bags suitable for carrying only your bocce, or for carrying other goods such as shoes and clothing items etc.