Motor for Marcato - PastaDrive


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Speed up and make light work of making pasta with the PastaDrive motor for the Marcato Atlas pasta machine

Product Description

PASTADRIVE , the line Marcato Design , is the engine that applies to pasta lines machines Large and Atlas to speed up and facilitate your work. It is a powerful and robust product, designed with a bayonet to make intuitive and simple installation, which ensures stability in the use (a supporting bracket is not required). In just three simple moves and hooks fixed to the engine PASTADRIVE pasta machine. Made with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle, it can be applied to all products of the lines Large and Atlas and some accessories Atlas 150 (for safety reasons, not all accessories can be equipped PASTADRIVE engine). PASTADRIVE combines tradition with technology : you can get a genuine pasta as your grandmother more quickly and with less effort. ****NOTE the Pasta Drive only fits on newer model machines. As per image it must have two holes beside the handle slot. Motor only, pasta machine sold separately

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