Fabio Leonardi (FLB) MR8 0.5HP Electric Passata Machine with SP3 Attachment - Enamel


Fabio Leonardi MR8 0.5HP Electric Passata Machine with SP3 Attachment with Enamelled Steel Cover

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  • Strong 0.5HP White Enamelled Steel Covered Motor
  • SP3 Passata Attachment
  • Made in Italy by FLB, since 1917
  • Process up to 150kg of tomato an hour!
  • Option to add a meat mincing attachment

Fabio Leonardi’s MR8 Electric Passata Machine ideal for the home use, when doing up to 100-150kg of tomato.

This machine comes with a SP3 tomato passata press. The SP3 Passata Attachment has an indicative working capacity of 150kg of tomatoes per hour.  The funnel, tomato chute and the filter are in 18/10 stainless steel. The body, auger, and ring in cast steel with a niploy coating. Niploy coating is a metal treatment far superior to tin or other treatments, resulting in industry leading corrosion resistance.

This heavy-duty direct drive motor has a 0.5hp motor, running at 120 revolutions per minute with forward and a pulse reverse switch. There are steel driving gears and permanent grease lubrication, making for a strong and reliable motor, and little to no maintenance required.

There is also an option to add a #12 meat mincing attachment to this machine, utilising the same motor.

Also available is a stainless-steel splash guard.

Instructions for use:

Usage Instructions:

Never run your machine dry. Always be sure to have tomato in the hopper before turning the unit on. Never overfill the tomato hopper and force tomato into the hopper, which could cause blockages. Allow the machine to take the tomato as it goes, it will work most efficiently this way.

After each use disassemble the machine parts immediately and wash them thoroughly with water and a mild noncorrosive detergent.

Once all parts are clean dry any remaining moisture from all parts. Refer to the instruction manual for further cleaning and maintenance information.

Able to process blanched or raw tomatoes.

About Fabio Leonardi:

Fabio Leonardi was founded in Bologna, Italy in 1917, where they produced the world’s first tomato passata machine. Fabio Leonardi electric motors provide the strongest most reliable operation in the industry by using only the very best industry leading components and materials to manufacture the world’s best passata and meat mincing machines. They are designed to last a lifetime and best passed down from generation to generation. Giovanni and Maria Costante have a long history with Fabio Leonardi and have been importing their products at Costante Imports for over 40 years.

We offer spare parts, serving and repairing on all Fabio Leonardi meat mincers and sauce machines.  

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