Passata and Cheese/Nut Grater Adapter for #8 Meat Mincer - TreSpade

In stock
  • Cheese and/or bread grater.
  • Tomato puree attachment.

Made by TreSpade in Italy.

This attachment easily converts the TreSpade #8 Stainless Steel Mincer into a tomato passta machine, and also a hard cheese and nut grater.

Kit includes:

- Auguer and Filter

- Hat (not shown) and tray

- Grater and pin

Made of strong and long lasting materials. The filter, grater and pin are made from stainless steel. The auguer is made from cast steel. The hat and tray are made of red polyurethane.

Please note, this model will only fit on to TreSpade stainless steel mincers in the #8 size. If you have an older cast steel #8 mincer, please contact us directly at [email protected] or come past the store.

*Mincer is shown for illustrative purposes and not included in price.

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