Bottle Fillers, Funnels & Cappers

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  • crown-sealing-machine

    Crown seal capping machines in various styles. Some models also suitable for spumante bottles.

  • Crownseals suitable for beer bottles

    Per pack of 100 lids

  • Plastic Bottle Jar filling Funnel
    Made from food grade non-toxic polypropylene. For wide mouthed jars with and attachment for narrower preserving bottles. USE The funnel has a wide neck with attachable refining nozzle at the base which allows you to fill large and small jars with thick liquids and sauces with no spillage. Suitable for jam, marmalade, chutney, honey, sauce, fruit salad, fruit juice, olives etc. Top: 177mm Bottom: 55mm Reducer: 39mm
    • 15 litre containers reducing your bottle filling time.
    • The container has an automatic shut off, that immediately stops the flow of sauce as soon as one removes the bottle from beneath it.
    • Also a big variety of stainless steel and plastic funnels.


    * image indicative
  • Crown Sealer - 26mm - 29mm
    Crown Sealer suitable for long and short neck bottle. Standard beer bottle and champagne bottle. 26mm - 29mm