Electric Sauce Making Machines

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  • MR 7 1Hp tomato puree machine
    Superior quality from reputable Italian manufacturer Strong tomato squeezer for household use Enamel cover - 1 HP motor With reverse switch Steel main gear Asynchronous motor Permanent grease lubrication Stainless steel or enamel cover for easy cleaning May be fitted with meat mincing attachment as an option Puree attachment made of cast iron and coated with nickel Hopper, tray and sieve made of stainless steel Can be fitted with a #22 mincer attachment at extra cost Stainless steel cover extra
  • SPREMY tomato puree machine
    SPREMY is a great little machine for making small quantities of sauce. We would recommend this machine for uses that would process a few kilos of tomato from the garden or around 3-4 cases. Automatically Extracts the Tomato Puree, separating it from the seeds and the skin - Fresh or Cooked Production up to 330 pounds (150 kg) of tomatoes for hour Die-cast metal housing, stainless steel hopper, Food Grade Nylon Auger (worm) Rotation of the worm 110 RPM - masticating style to preserve enzymes (1/4 HP) Motor with Cooling Fan - Made in Italy not suitable for large productions/ max 4 boxes of tomato
  • Sp3 FLB sauce attachment
    Sp3 FLB sauce attachment. Suitable for .05Hp motors.
  • Sp5 FLB sauce attachment
    Sp6 FLB sauce attachment. Suitable for 1Hp motors.
  • MRO 0.5hp Sp3 sauce puree machine
    World renowned FLB. Made in Italy. Mr0. .05 Hp. Sp3 sauce puree attachment. Can attach TC12 mincer attachment.
  • FLB MR9 1hp sauce puree machine
    World renowned Fabio Leonardi - FLB - electric motor for sauce making and also meat mincing. Made in Italy. The MR9 machine has a 1hp motor. There are steel driving gears and permanent grease lubrication, making for a strong and reliable motor. This machine comes with a SP5 sauce attachment suitable for tomato passata. Working capacity indicative squeezers SP5 : 300/400 Kg / h There is also an option to add a #22 meat attachment for an additional cost.