Vertical Volumetric Filler for Oil and Low Viscosity Liquids - Tenco

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Vertical Volumetric Filler – Tenco

The Tenco Volumetric Filler doses a fixed volume of product into any container. Any type of container can be filled with low to medium viscosity products and without solid particulates in suspension. These machines are particularly recommended for filling edible oil cans or PET bottles.    

There are two options for filling containers: 250-5000 ml and 100-2000 ml.

The machine is self-priming, and the product is pulled from a source container placed below the unit (without any need for an external pump) into the storage tank, which works pneumatically on compressed air.

Once the requested quantity of product to be dosed is selected, the piston directed mechanism directly pours the liquid from the storage tank and stops automatically without wasting a single drop of product.

Different kinds of filling nozzles can be installed depending on the requirement, eg for foaming products.

Made in Italy by Tecno, this filler is made high quality materials and gaskets and offers excellent performance. All machine components in contact with filling products can withstand the attack of even aggressive chemical substances. The strong AISA 304 stainless steel frame on wheels makes the machine easy to move around.


  • Two sizes: 250-5000ml and 100-2000ml
  • Filling Cannister made from PMMA food grade methacrylate plastic or 316 Stainless Steel cylinders
  • Stainless Steel Cylinders for aggressive chemicals, higher than 20% alcohol or hot packed products
  • Diving head option for foaming products
  • Wheeled cart for easy movement
  • Includes a cleaning cycle
  • Fills pulling product directly from your source container
  • Dimensions 490x490x1700mm
  • Weight 44kg
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