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  • Pedestal corker

    Floor pedestal corker, brass jaws. Easy to use for the hobbist to the small vineyard.

  • Battery operated saw
    • Battery operated saw is ideal for all your pruning needs.
    • Offering a perfect cut without damaging the branch.
    • Attaches to a battery pack with an optional pole that extends up to 3 meters
  • Netting

    Heavy duty netting, measuring 10mt x 10mt and 12mt x 12mt with reinforced edges and corners with eyelets. Suitable for harvesting, placing on floor of grove, long lasting and strong.

    Sizes available 

    6m x 6m

    8m x 8m 

    10m x 10m

    12m x 12m

    The net has a central cut in the middle enabelling you to wrap the net around the trunk.

  • Picking bins
    • Picking bins available in 3 sizes, 580, 730, 780, and in vented or non-vented versions.
    • Made of heavy density polyethylene and UV stabilised, a non porous surface resistant to mould or disease carrying organisms.
    • Lightweight with interlocking foot design for safe stacking.
  • Picking crates
    • 56 x 35 x 31 cm - 40 lt
    • Ideal to transport the fruit from the grower to the processing plant
    • Vented sides and bottom gives aeration and reduces risk of damage to fruit and disease
    • Crates stack securely on top of each other for easy transport, and once harvest is finished they are stackable within each other for easy storage
    Holds approximately 20kg of olives colour may vary
  • Picking machine
    • The Pick Machine is a lightweight picker which operates with a simple 12V battery and can also be connected to the battery of a tractor or car.
    • Equipped with a cable, a telescopic and extendible rod, a comb like mechanism of rotating titanium teeth which allows for easy picking of any kind of olive.
    • It does not spoil the plant nor cause leaf stripping.
  • Pneumatic secateurs
    • These air operated pneumatic secateurs are extremely light and easy to handle for extended periods of time.
    • They require a working pressure of 8 to 10 bar.
    • Maximum cutting capacity is approximately up to 28mm diameter branches.
  • Pneumatic Harvester

    The tuono harvester is fitted with the classic 'diapason' or tuning fork shaped fingers used by the Olistar Metal Top and the Olistar Evolution before it. The maind design improvement of the Tuono is the new short stroke system, which reduces the rake opening and increases its speed to 1800 beating movements per minute. This not only allows for a more vigorous harvest and a reduction in defoliation, the short stoke system also reduces the amount of free air required to run the Tuono. While all other pneumatic harvesters manufactured by Campagnola use 200 litres of free air per minute, the Tuono only uses 150.

    Like other Olistar variants, the Tuono features a body made of magnesium alloy which reduces stoppages in areas of low temperatures and areas of high humidity. The Tuono is light weight at 1kg and is well balanced for comfortable use for extended periods.

  • NGR16 Vibroli

    The Vibroli is an innovative olive harvester with a 12 v battery operation.It carries 2 elastic spheres with sticks, each one with individual vibrating motion and 360 degrees coverage.

    Suitable for all olive varieties.It has a high productivity rate and is availabli in lengths from 2.4m up to 3.4musing an extension.

    Due to its motion and the soft material of its elastic sticks the new model does not damage the branchesleaves or the fruits of the tree.

  • Zanon - Electric Olive Harvesting Rake
    Karbonium Evo Electric Olive Harvesting Rake by Zanon is a critical harvesting tool for a small scale olive orchard. While manual olive harvesting may take a hour or two per tree and involve dangerously positioned ladders and fruit lost in the underbrush, this electric olive harvester will comb the olives out of a tree in minutes. Short on time or people to get through the harvest? This is the tool you need. The new olive rake is designed to oscillate at high frequency. Its concept has taken inspiration from the movement of a bat on the hunt. The fingers beat back and forth with incomparable lightness and speed. Karbonium Evo’s transmission is inserted into a blinded box where its lubricated gears, made of high resistant steel, are mounted on bearings. A sturdy frame assures the perfect protection of the moving parts and a long life of the beater. The high-end standard features of the new Karbonium Evo ensure lightness, easy handling during work, ergonomic design, and two different power options making it a leader among competitors and an ideal machine to ease the burdens of your olive harvest. Specifications High power 500W motor Removable carbon-fiber fingers Technopolymer and carbon-fiber frame Telescopic rod with no-rotation system and “rapid” unlocking system Standard 67" length telescopes to 98" giving an adult operator about 10 to 14 ft of reach Electronic board including absorption protection, thermal protection, battery check, unit protection fuse 49 foot electric cable – Waterproof switch - attaches to car battery View details from the manufacturer Power options: Stock with this unit - A 49 ft cable will attach to a 12 volt battery and provide power. No further equipment is required. Battery Pack option - Alternatively, an adapter cable and 33V Lithium Ion Battery Pack can make the unit infinitely mobile. Improve your agility in the field with the battery backpack and adapter. How to Use Tips for Harvest: Prepare the area below the olive tree with a generous amount of harvest net or tarps. Approximately 15-20 ft (5-7 meters) in all directions should be covered to collect the olives as they bounce. In rough or sloped terrain, consider placing stakes in the ground before laying out the nets or tarps. The stakes can be positioned to slope the net/tarp and avoid the fruit rolling downhill or off the net/tarp. Beating the thicker branches rather than the thin will reduce the flinging of the fruit. AL 200/K CON CENTRALINA 33 v. rod 170 - 250cm cord 15cm 2,2 80/120 kg / hr AL 300/K CON CENTRALINA 33 v. rod 210 - 340cm cord 15cm 2,4 80/120 kg / hr


  • Alcoholmeter

    Glass alcoholmeter for measuring your alcohol level.

  • Test tube

    Available in various sizes:

    • 2lt
    • 1lt
    • 500ml
    • 250ml
    • 100ml

    Made in plastic, glass also available.

  • Thermometer

    Glass thermometer different ranges available.

  • Thermometer stick on

    Glass thermometer different ranges available.

  • Hydrometer

    An essential tool for measuring and checking the ferment.

  • Heating pad

    Great for keeping your brew warm during those cold days. Placed under the fermenter to keep the ferment going.

  • Heating belt

    Great way to keep a ferment warm during those cold days.

  • SHARK - Prunner
    Electronic pruning shears Shark ZS-50 Electronic pruning shear, with double blade opening, registable by the trigger, equipped with a kit DRIVE 600 .S LITHIUM battery with incorporated control unit, mounted in a hamess. Reversible battery to be operated by right handed or left handed. No cut power cable. The DRIVE 600.S LITHIUM Battery can work up to 2 days (depending on usage end each cut consuption). DRIVE 500 S battery charging time: 5 hours. Sound level less than or equal to 60DB(A). Vibration level less or equal to 2,5m/s2.
  • Campagnola Alice

    Campagnola has always been a symbol of reliability and innovation, continuously researching and developing useful and practical products to suit the needs of the agricultural world.

    After years of trial and development, Campagnola have coupled the most efficient, hand-held methods of displacing olives with the finest and most reliable materials available to bring you the Alice electronic olive harvester. Using dual combs with varying finger combinations to suit a broad range of varieties, the Alice works by moving each comb in an precise elliptical motion, giving each individual finger its own range of movement. This unique reciprocating motion proves extremely effective at removing olives of numerous varieties and works especially well on unpruned trees.

    As both sets of fingers move in opposing directions, the majority of vibrations normally felt by the operator are cancelled out making the Alice very easy to use for extended periods of time. At 280mm, the thermoplastic fingers will dislodge the most hard to reach olives without removing large amounts of foliage.

    Technical Information

    Trolley & power source

    The Alice requires the purchase of an 80-amp hour, 12-volt battery and charger. The Power 12 battery trolley is included in the Power 12 package supplied by Campagnola.

    Autonomy: Alice = 1 full working day with an 80 amp hour, 12v battery with a consumption rate of 7 to 8 amps per hour.

    Power 12 control unit and cable

    • ON/OFF switch with LED light.
    • Dual speed control switch: 1150rpm - 1250rpm (Elektra only).
    • Power supply cable at 15m.
    • A 12v brushless motor with air-cooling system.
    • Power saving feature – motor will reduce rpm when harvesting head meets no resistance from branches.
    • A total weight of 950g.

    Alice Aluminium extension poles

    Both the Campagnola Alice electromechanical olive harvesters have easily interchangeable parts including fixed and telescopic extension poles:

    • R5 - Fixed extension pole 1.7m  (weight 800g).
    • R4 - Telescopic extension pole 1.35m – 1.82m (weight 980g).
    • R6 - Telescopic extension pole 1.82m – 2.7m (weight 1300g).

    Alice head unit specifications

    • Double rake with opposing reciprocating and rotary motion.
    • Magnesium, fibreglass and aluminium construction.
    • Speed – 1150 rpm.
    • Teeth made from durable thermoplastic resins.
    • Perfect for smaller, hard to harvest fruit and unpruned trees.
    • Weight - 1300g.


  • Olive collection net

    Olivspeed is an extremely versatile net catcher for picking
    hanging fruits, which can be operated by one person alone and
    is available in a basic version (manual), a Plus version (with a
    universal gripping system) and Go Plus version (motor-driven).

    • It saves you time as the net does not have to be laid out on the ground: it performs a “fan-like” movement and,once open, covers the entire area where the olives drop and enables them to be collected directly in the crates positioned on the equipment.
    • It can be used on rough land due to its compact size and motorized drive (Go Plus version).
    • It is indispensable for harvesting in terrace olive groves, due to the innovative system for opening the net catcher positioned on the operator’s side.

    Made in Italy, the umbrella has an opening of 7metres.


  • Easy Capper - Semi-automatic
    A boutique size capper designed for smaller production. Easy to operate. This machine applies thread to caps so caps without a tread must be used. This capper is made for plain un- threaded aluminium caps with dimensions of: 31.5mm x 24mm for olive oil bottles of various sizes and dimensions 30mm x 60mm for wine bottles of various sizes and dimensions Made In Italy. SPECIFICATIONS Semi-automatic. 110-240v 50-60Hz single phase 375ml to Magnum bottle sizes Height adjustable. 300-400 caps/Hr. Multiple cap sizes Stainless Steel. 32w x 24l x 78h cm 23 kg. Production Per Hr: Approx 300/400 bottles/ hr Potenza: 0,52 Kw


  • Crown Sealer - 26mm - 29mm
    Crown Sealer suitable for long and short neck bottle. Standard beer bottle and champagne bottle. 26mm - 29mm
  • AVT 400 screw capping machine
    Avt400 AISI 304 stainless steel frame It shapes smooth capsules on the threaded neck of the bottles and makes the lower rim Capsules: 31,5mm diameter and 24mm height (standard version) Diameter of the bottles: up to 195mm Maximum height of the bottles: 355mm Manual loading of the capsules Capping time: about 2,5 seconds ____________________________________________________ ELECTRIC STARTING 230 Volt, 50 Hz mono-phase motor
  • Super oil
    • Fully transportable on stainless steel frame,vacuum filling with automatic cutoff.
    • Fitted with 14mm diameter spout.Height of bottles up to 420mm.
    • Filling capacity .5-2lt
  • Vertical volumetric filler
    • Air operated volumetric filler is fully constructed in food grade materials.
    • Any type of container can be filled with low to medium viscosity.
    • Also particular suitable for filling tinplate cans for olive oil.
    • All types of containers including glass from 200 to 5lt.
  • Air operated volumetric fillers
    • High precision, reliable and easy to use batching machines for accurate filling of all types of glass and plastic containers even with very thick liquids.
    • Doses from 40ml-1 litre
  • Fluida MVE
    • Allows you to quickly and easily fill containers of any shape and material from 5lt to 250ml.
    • Thanks to the self priming pump at low rpm, the machine can be connected directly to the storage tank.
  • Manual crusher

    Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers.Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production.

  • Optima

    The destemmer-crusher machines in the OPTIMA range, have been designed for the soft pressing of the product. The machines are of modern conception and have special details such as the beater speed variator and also a basket in some model. Rubber rollers are adjustable by using two hand wheels and are also mobile. The sheeting of the drum (cage) is made in stainless steel with round countersunk holes to avoid maceration of the fruit and keeps the grapes stem intact. For difficult grapes is available as option the drum plastic made.

    The destemmer-crushers OPTIMA range allow the user to work in several ways: stem and crush, to stem without crushing, or only to crush.
    The machine is supplied with a must gathering tank with a fitting for the connection with suction pumps. Those who want to use monoscrew pumps or elliptical rotor pumps, have just to remove the must tank from its slides.

    The destemmer OPTIMA can be entirely disassembled for cleaning even the most hidden parts.

  • Zeta 50/A

    The centrifugal destemmer ZETA 50/A keeps the same characteristics of praticity of the ZETA series.

    The difference is in the stainless rotating drum, wich is less likely to become blocked compared to the fixed one, and in the higher output for hour.

    Available enameled coated or stainless steel version.

  • Zeta 20-30
    • Semi-centrifugal grape destemmer fixed enamel coated.
    • Machine realized with modern technology for a perfect internal maintenance.
    • The upper part is completely openable. Drum and the inner part are removable.
    • Aisi 304 stainless steel pump. Moved by electric motor single phase or three phase.
  • Enamel manual crusher
    • Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers
    • Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production
  • Stainless steel manual crusher
    • Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers
    • Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production
  • Electric crusher
    • Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers
    • Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production
  • Crusher destemmer
    .Our crusher-destemmers have a modern and simple design. Their structure has been studied carefully in order to ensure a high productivity besides a simple and effective working. *manual, available in painted steel or stainless steel AISI 304, with hopper chute. *motorised, available in painted steel or stainless steel AISI 304, hopper with feeding screw for the automatic advancement of the grape. For all models, stainless steel grate, removable for quick cleaning. Production 1,8 Ton/h 2,2 Ton/h Working manual motor Kw 0,55 Rollers Ø 95 - L. 220 mm Ø 95 - L. 220 mm Hopper 760x460 mm 900x460 mm Dimensions 1150x460x580 mm 1100x550x580 mm Weight Kg 31 Kg 43 *all data specified as a guide
  • Green Bell Press


    Painted frame, base and plate in stainless stell and wooden cage.


    Bell Press   Ø200x240 mm   9 Lt   490x450x750 mm   25 Kg

    Price: $470.00 *For freight please inbox postcode and suburb and we'll get back to you.
    Painted frame, stainless steel cage and wooden plate


    Multiuso    Ø200x250 mm   9 Lt 450x450x700 mm      12 Kg

    Price: $395.00 *For freight please inbox postcode and suburb and we'll get back to you.
  • Honey Press
    All our stainless steel fruit presses can be used for honey.
    F25 stainless steel slat press. Basket volume of 20 liters Basket height 400 mm Basket diameter 250 mm Weight 32 kg Price: $970.00 *For freight please inbox postcode and suburb and we'll get back to you.
    The 11 Litre cross beam press features a stainless steel mesh basket which works superbly and is so easy to keep clean. The press has a stainless steel spindle and cast iron pressing plate.

    Can be used for the pressing of honey, vegetables, fruits etc. Press Specification

    Cage Dimensions: 21cm x 28cm
    Gross weight: 11.70kg
    Grape capacity per pressing: 25kg (55lb)
    Crushed apple capacity per pressing: 9kg (20lb)
    Approximate juice yield per pressing*: 3.5l (6.1 pints)

    Made in Italy
    Storage tanks for dense liquids with stainless steel spigot/ gate. 10lt $189.00
    Storage tanks for dense liquid with stainless steel spigot/ gate. 15lt $199.00
    Storage tanks for dense liquid with stainless steel spigot/ gate. 20lt $210.00
    Storage tanks for dense liquid with stainless steel spigot/ gate. 50lt $245.00
  • Fruit Destoner/pulper
    Destoner completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for small productions. The machine makes a complete separation of the pulp from the inner stone and at the same time exerts a crushing of the fruit, creating a final product suitable for fermentation, fruit juices (making multiple processing) and jams. The possibility of installing screens of various holes allows the use of machinery with multiple product types, and in particular: cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, olives (to extract the pulp). Furthermore, the possibility to adjust the inner blades allows to detect always the most efficient for processing fruit. In the case of large fruit are provided specific applications. Specification 1.5hp motor Capacity of 550kg/hr Dimensions 1100x650x1300 mm, 80kg
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