Compressors & Cultivaters

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  • Compressors
    • A strong a reliable compressor.
    • Can power up to 4 or 8 tools simultaneously - ideal if you are pruning your trees or harvesting.
    • Both models are attached to a tractor by the pto for easy access in your orchard or vineyard.
  • Cultivating Mid Rows

    This cultivator combined with double hydraulic shredder blade, it’s the top of its type as it is possible to work your rows from left to right simultaniuosly.

    It is possible to adjust the working width to the row with a bilateral hydraulic stroke of 15cm, it adjusts to the row and it covers from a minimum of 140cm to a maximum of 300cm working area.

    This style of cultivation eliminates the use of harmful pesticide spraying as it uplifts the undergrowth vegetation of weeds and grasses.