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  • Brew System - CAMURRI
    Practical and simple to use, the new CAMURRI BRAUER model CB.23 (patented by Camurri) is made entirely of Aisi 304 steel and can prepare excellent hand-crafted beer from natural products according to any recipe. Ideal for agrofood transformation through hot-extraction of liquid products. Equipped with: - a PLC programmer that controls, regulates and automatically schedules desired process times and temperatures according to your recipe; - a mixer with gearmotor that blends mixtures correctly to bring out aroma and flavour perfectly; - an element for heating the product and maintaining it at the proper temperature during the various steps in the process; - a practical double-mesh filter made exclusively of Aisi 304 steel; - a cover and a convenient dispenser unit. Easy to use, clean and maintain! The CB.23 is complemented by a wide range of accessories that enable you to produce your own hand-crafted beers: - a BT interface that lets you program the unit from your Android tablet or smartphone; - hops filters; - tapered and refrigerated fermentation tanks; - heat exchanging plates. Indispensable for micro-breweries, home brewers, pubs, farm restaurants, training centres such as hotel schools, and for any business that wishes to promote hand-crafted beer. Camurri’s patented system extracts sugars better than other systems, so the steps in preparing the wort – from mashing to brewing – can be performed by a single machine. Also, liquid can be cooled internally inside the unit. Bears the CE Mark. Quality system with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. version dimensions net weight voltage requirement max. power consumption maximum capacity malt maximum quantity 18/10 stainless steel 320 x 420 x 640 mm 17 Kg 230 VAC 1.5 Kw 23 l. 6 Kg OPTIONS AVAILABLE at extra cost :- Fine mesh filter Hop filter Stainless Steel Coils