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  • Coopers original draught

    Light yellow-gold colour with a tightly packed white head, floral nose with a hint of malt, medium bodied palate with delicate hopping and a slightly bitter finish. The most discerning draught drinker will appreciate this beer.

  • Coopers original lager

    Straw colour with golden hues and a lacy white head. Light floral aromas follow through on a light to medium bodied palate with subtle malt and hop flavours and a clean finish. An Australian Lager style with plenty of character.

  • Coopers original old dark ale

    Rich mahogany colour and a creamy head. Roasted malt aromas with a hint of chocolate, generous mouth feel dominated by roasted malt flavours, sufficient hop bitterness to give balance and a dry finish. A favourite amongst dark beer drinkers.

  • Coopers original real ale

    Bright golden colour with a strong head. Pleasant blend of fruit and malt on the nose with generous mouth feel and a moderately bitter finish. A good example of a Coopers' Traditional Ale.

  • Thomas Coopers sparkling ale

    The big brother of Coopers Original Pale Ale, displays fruity esters on the nose, full malty palate with a generously hopped clean finish.

  • Thomas Coopers heritage lager

    Rich yellow-gold colour with a tightly packed white head, prominent European aroma hop characters dominate the nose, generous mouth feel balanced with sufficient hop bitterness to produce a clean finish. This outstanding quality Lager demands your sensory attention!

  • Morgan's Premium Starter Kit
    The Morgan’s Premium Starter Kit contains : 30L fermenter, hydrometer, spoon, bottling valve, 1.7kg Blue Mountain Lager, Morgan’s Body Blend, stick on thermometer, 30 x PET bottles and caps, tap, airlock, Morgan’s Sanitizer ,Morgan’s Carbonation Drops, Complete Brewing instructions and a Morgan’s Recipe chart.