Olive Processing Equipment

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    CODE: DEF20002 Motor Power: 0.35 W Supply Voltage: 220-50 HZ Minimum Speed: 2600 Product Air: 2400 h Production:2000/4000 kg p/hr L/W 100 H/H 100 P/P 60 This Italian made defoliator is designed and constructed to achieve a higher quality extra virgin olive oil because it removes he leaves, twigs and impurities from all the picked olives through a calibrated air jet. It is equipped with an electric speed drive, it is also suitable for other products: vegetables, grains, nuts, etc.... INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE DEFOLIATOR The defoliator “TORNADO” is designed and built to meet the needs of small and medium olives producers. The working, simple and effective, harnesses the ventilation to remove leaves, twigs and other impurities from your olives. TORNADO is equipped with a grille fan protective, air conveyor, electric speed variator, and it can be adapted to other products: vegetables, nuts, grains etc..
Easy to handle with the two wheels, pneumatic tires in “internal combustion engine” version. CODE: DFS10003 Model:0.35 W Motor Power: 220-50 HZ Supply Voltage: 2600 Minimum Speed:2400 h Product Air 2400 h Air be used2000/4000 Average production 100 L/W 100 H/H 60 '
    Use this machine to crush multiple olives at a time. Handmade in Italy of unfinished beech wood