Screw Capping

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  • P35
    P35 AISI 304 stainless steel frame Stainless steel jaws Automatic loading of the corks Diameter of corks: 22-26mm On request diameter of corks 28mm Height of corks: up to 50mm Height of bottles: up to 375mm Corking time: about 1,8 seconds Air-pump and azote/gas injection system
  • Manual hand crimper

    Applies to bottles with aluminium caps that are pre-threaded.

    Please enquire with bottle and lid specifications.
  • Jar Capper - Pneumatic
    TECHNICAL FEATURES Pneumatic sealer Production ~ 500/600 bottles / hour Weight 30 Kg Power Compressed air 3-7 bar Consumption about 150 free air / min Pneumatic sealer A desk cap designed to easily close screw caps and capsules. Our pneumatic bench stoppers allow you to close twist-off caps and screw caps in a simple and precise way. The machine is suitable to plug containers of glass and / or plastic to form round, square or shaped, up to a maximum of 330 mm in height , capsules with twist off , plastic screw caps or pressure caps . The adjustments possible on the machine are different and allow to adapt the container to the performance of the machine to be closed: vertical pressure adjustment on the capsule torque adjustment (up to 11 Nm) adjusting the spindle rotation speed as needed. The machine is equipped with an adjustable locking system with a pneumatic piston that allows to hold the container to be closed on the base. In the twist-off capsule version, the capper is equipped with self-centering magnetic capping caps . In the version for screw plastic caps , with stainless steel spindles made specifically on the capsule sample to be treated. The magnetic spindle for twist off capsules is made on the diameter of the capsule . The operator places the capsule inside and adjusts according to the size of the container and capsule to be treated; pressing the two buttons on the sides of the stand the machine closes the same in seconds. The format change is simple and fast and does not require any tool; a numeric counter provides a reference based on the height of the container to be plugged. The small size and weight make the machine manageable and convenient to carry and place it on a work bench . Rugged and reliable, this equipment allows the operator to close about 600 jars per hour . operation The twist off cap closure version is equipped with a modular pneumatic stainless steel pallet motor and is equipped with a mechanical screwdriver compensation unit. With the multi-turn flow controller, you can also lower the performance listed above, which refers to a free flow of air. You can then read the screwdriving parameters and check the air pressure and the numeric value indicated on the flow controller. Optional Chuck sizes extra: 53 - 58 - 63 - 70
  • BLACK Aluminium olive oil cap with pourer
    31.5 x 24 BLACK Aluminium olive oil cap with pourer THREADED PER 100
  • Plastic Push on lid with pourer 31.5mm
    Plastic Push on lid with pourer 31.5mm. Tamper Proof. Available in black and gold. PER 100