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  • Bench filler

    Comes with either 3 or 5 spouts,made entirely out of stainless steel.Easy to fill automatic cut off.

  • Upright filler
    • Four head bottles filler with auto cut off.
    • Fillers available with filter and pump.
  • Enolmatic Wine bottle filler
    Enolmatic is our best selling single semi-automatic vacuum filling machine. This is the filling machine you are looking for if you desire to increase the production volume of your homemade products, and professionalise the bottling of wine, oil, beer, fruit juices, or other products. Enolmatic is made of high quality plastic materials.The vessel in polycarbonate material is suitable for the filling of both alcoholic products as well as using hot-fill processes. Enolmatic uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank into the bottle.The spout mounted on the machine determines the amount of liquid on the inside of the bottle, allowing the machine to stop filling automatically once it determines the bottle to be full. Easy to use, fast, clean, easy to disassemble, customizable, easy to clean. Semi-automatic machine Fills up to 250 bottles per hour The standard Enolmatic is provided with a plastic spout and food grade silicone gaskets suitable to be used with alimentary products. We sell (optional) stainless steel spouts recommended for hot-fill processes or the bottling of alcohol, as well as viton gaskets for the bottling of chemical products. We sell interchangeable kits for special applications. Some of the kits we offer are the “Beer Kit”, “Frutta Kit”, and “Milk Kit”. Also, an optional Tandem Filter. The Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing is designed to operate in conjunction with the Enolmatic bottle filling machine. Giving you the opportuny to filter and bottle your products in one go. Easy to use A simple adjustment of the spout determines the level of the liquid inside the bottle. Done that, the machine automatically draw the liquid from the container and stops when the liquid reaches the level previously set. You can also adjust: the spout shaft, to adapt it to bottles of different heights the filling speed, when bottling semi-dense or foaming liquid products Easy to clean Enolmatic is designed to be easy to clean after each use It works with any kind of liquid product Enolmatic can be used with our vast range of kits to bottle any type of liquid product. Bottles, jars, carboys or dams can be filled with wine, oil, beer, liqueur, fruit juice etc. Quality materials Enolmatic is built with high quality plastic materials. The polycarbonate vase is suitable both for filling alcoholic and high temperature products in conjunction with the optional stainless steel spout. The food-grade silicone gaskets can be used for alimentary products. Viton seals are available for the bottling of chemicals. The standard plastic spout can be replaced with a stainless steel spout, recommended for alcohol or high temperature products. Do you have specific needs? Please feel free to contact us! Each product needs specific accessories to be properly bottle. That's why Enolmatic can be configured in many ways: explain us what are your needs and we will prepare the machine perfect for you.


  • Tandem Filer for Enolmatic
    The Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing is designed to operate in conjunction with the Enolmatic bottle filling machine. Giving you the opportuny to filter and bottle your products in one go, the Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing speeds up your bottling process significantly. With the Tandem Filter Housing you can filter wine, olive oil, spirits, syrup, and fruit juices depending on the filter cartridges you use - you can either use Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges or Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges. Place the filter in the housing and attach the hoses, then open the bypass valve on top of the filter housing. Place the Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing inline between the product and the Enolmatic Filler. The Enolmatic Filling Machine draws the product from your tank and will pull the liquid through your filter housing, into the bottle. fast filtering and bottling, easy to use, preserves product quality, easy to clean. Enolmatic can be used with up to three filter housings at a time, allowing you to execute diverse filtration operations (for example: fine filtration followed up by extra fine filtration) We sell filter cartridges separately. Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges for the filtering of oil, fruit juices, liquor, or other products Glass Fiber Filter Cartridges for the filtering of wine Easy to use The Tandem filter housing works with the Enolmatic filler and the filter cartridges. When Enolmatic is working, the liquid is sucked, filtered and bottled in a singles operation. The bottling operation is achieved with the maximum hygiene, without waste and without altering the organoleptic characteristics of the product. Easy to clean The Tandem filter housing can be easily cleaned by performing a bottling cycle with hot water and any degreasing product.

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  • Enolmatic Kits
    Not all Kits are available all the time. Stock changes daily. Please call for availability. Fast and accurate filling of tailor-made and out-of-standard bottles even with high viscosity products. Filling level can be set as desired with each of these accessories. After the first manual setting, the filling level is automatically kept. They are all constructed in food-grade materials. Kristal - is designed for you to fill glass bottles with long or thin necks. Long-neck bottles are often used for the bottling of liqueurs and spirits (bottle mouth with inside diameter from mm 12) Mignon - Adaptor for the enolmatic filler especially made to fill very small bottles. The Mignon Kit contains a mini spout and flexible tubes. Milk - Used in combination with the Enolmatic filling machine, this is the perfect machine to fill any kind of liquid into wide-neck bottles. The kit consists of a cone in silicone fitting bottles of different sizes, ensuring a perfect seal.For filling bottles with large mouth with diameter between 45 and 65mm. Inside diameter between 28 an 65 mm. Oil - The Oil Kit allows you to bottle, in conjunction with the Enolmatic Filling Machine, oil, syrup, semi-dense liqueurs, or other high viscous products. The nozzle as well as the tubes are easy to assemble onto the Enolmatic Filling Machine. Once assembled you can set the desired maximum fill-level.Kit of replacement parts used when converting your Enolmatic from wine to edible oils. This prevents cross contamination between the two types of product Tomato - For filling bottles with tomato sauce or with any low to high viscosity sauce including dressing. Seed filter enclosed. Frutta - The kit includes a plastic spout and tubes specifically designed to bottle your homemade juices and liquids. You can use the Frutta Kit for products with a hot-fill process up to 80 degrees celsius. The Frutta Kit can fill glass bottles with a bottle mouth width of 16 to 28 mm. Assemble the parts of the kit on the Enolmatic filling machine and you are ready to fill your fruit juices. Jar - For filling glass jars of any size with sauces and purées such as tomato sauce. After placing the head at the mouth of the jar, the operator pushes the start button. The machine creates the vacuum in the jar and fills it to the set level. Any liquid in excess is conveyed into the recovery vessel. Minimum internal diameter 33 mm Maximum external diameter 120 mm
  • Enolmaster
    $3450.00 PLEASE CONTACT TO PURCHASE Enolmaster is a professional semi-automatic filling machine. Due to its size and stainless steel frame, it is the perfect machine for edible oil producers, cellars, wine-producers, and distilleries. Fills up to four bottles at once in just a matter of seconds. Enolmaster operates according to the same principles as Enolmatic. It uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank into the bottles. You can adjust the maximum fill-level, which will stay fixed throughout the fill process once set. The tank from which the liquid is drawn can be placed up to 4 meters below the filling machine. Main features: Fills up to 600 bottles per hour No-drip system Frame and filling nozzles in stainless steel material The following kits and accessories are available to enhance to functionality of the bottling machine: Pyrex glass recovery vessel: for products with an alcohol percentage above 20% Pyrex filter holder: for products with an alcohol percentage above 20% stainless steel spouts for miniature bottles spouts for bottles with a big mouth Stainless steel and synthetic fiber filter systems Possibility to customize manifold with diverse spouts


    Reliable and hygienic When the bottle is inserted under the spout, the pump creates a vacuum, drawing the liquid from the container. Then the liquid is sucked without without going through the mechanical parts of the machine and poured into the bottle. Up to 600 bottles/hour Once the filling level is fixed, the Enolmaster fills up to 600 bottles per hour. Simple and practical Enolmaster simple to use and easy to clean. Availability of accessories Pyrex recovery vessel: for products with alcohol above 20% Tandem filter housing in pyrex: for products with alcohol over 20% Possibility to create custom manifold with mixed spouts
  • Enolmatic Filter Cartridges fiber glass/stainless steel (multiple sizes)
    Coupled with our Tandem filter housing (sold separately) FIBERGLASS Our Fiberglass Filter Cartridges are designed to filter out sediments such as particles, yeast, bacteria, and residues. We offer cartridges in different and different filtration degrees for the filtering of wine and spirits. When inserted into the filter housing, the filter cartridges filter any product without affecting its organoleptic and physical qualities. The Fiberglass Filter Cartridges are made of food grade materials. Easy to clean, corrosion resistant, reusable, available in different filtration grades. Our filter cartridges are available in the following sizes: 5 micron $105 1 micron $105 0.5 micron $110 0.2 micron $110 STAINLESS STEEL We offer stainless steel cartridges with different degrees of filtration to filter oil, sugary and alcoholic products, as well as products with a hot-filling process. Our filters are available in the following micron ratings: 5 micron $260 10 micron $265 50 micron $285 When inserted into the filter housing, the filter cartridges filter the product without affecting its organoleptic and physical qualities. It is advised to first filter products through a 50-micron pre-filter cartridge, then to use a 10-micron filter cartridge, and finally a 5-micron filter cartridge. This process increases the filter speed, as well as the filter cartridge lifetime. Our filters are easy to clean, have a good resistant to corrosion, they are reusable, and are available in different filtration grades. They are all made with food grade materials.