Corkers & Screw Capping Machines

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  • P35
    P35 AISI 304 stainless steel frame Stainless steel jaws Automatic loading of the corks Diameter of corks: 22-26mm On request diameter of corks 28mm Height of corks: up to 50mm Height of bottles: up to 375mm Corking time: about 1,8 seconds Air-pump and azote/gas injection system
  • Manual hand crimper

    Applies to bottles with aluminium caps that are pre-threaded.

    Please enquire with bottle and lid specifications.
  • Handheld corker

    For the hobbist starting out.

    Two lever hand corker is ideal.

  • Pedestal corker

    Floor pedestal corker, brass jaws. Easy to use for the hobbist to the small vineyard.

  • Easy Capper - Semi-automatic
    A boutique size capper designed for smaller production. Easy to operate. This machine applies thread to caps so caps without a tread must be used. This capper is made for plain un- threaded aluminium caps with dimensions of: 31.5mm x 24mm for olive oil bottles of various sizes and dimensions 30mm x 60mm for wine bottles of various sizes and dimensions Made In Italy. SPECIFICATIONS Semi-automatic. 110-240v 50-60Hz single phase 375ml to Magnum bottle sizes Height adjustable. 300-400 caps/Hr. Multiple cap sizes Stainless Steel. 32w x 24l x 78h cm 23 kg. Production Per Hr: Approx 300/400 bottles/ hr Potenza: 0,52 Kw


  • STAR CAP Crowner
    Fully air-operated, innovative, patented capper. This is a solid, compact and easy to use machine for perfect capping of Crown caps. Crown caps are applied by means of a magnetic pressure head. The operator has to place the crown cap under the magnetic capping head, place the bottle on the plate, and press the button to start the capping head. The bottle will be closed with the crown cap within a matter of seconds. The high quality of pneumatic components needs no lubrication. Specifications CROWN CAPS Ø from 26,5 to 29 mm h. bottles from 130 to 465 mm ~ 400 bottles/hour Dimensions 345 x 325 x 745 mm WEIGHT 25 Kg SUPPLY Compressed air 4 - 6 bar
  • Crown Sealer - 26mm - 29mm
    Crown Sealer suitable for long and short neck bottle. Standard beer bottle and champagne bottle. 26mm - 29mm
  • AVT 400 screw capping machine
    Avt400 AISI 304 stainless steel frame It shapes smooth capsules on the threaded neck of the bottles and makes the lower rim Capsules: 31,5mm diameter and 24mm height (standard version) Diameter of the bottles: up to 195mm Maximum height of the bottles: 355mm Manual loading of the capsules Capping time: about 2,5 seconds ____________________________________________________ ELECTRIC STARTING 230 Volt, 50 Hz mono-phase motor