Crushers & Destemmers

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  • Manual Fruit / Apple Crusher
    Fruit crusher equipped with a knives-set which enables to make an excellent job of crushing and pressing in short time and without effort. Grate and knives are removable and can be replaced with a grape stirrer Working manual Rollers Ø 95 - L. 220 mm Hopper 520x620 mm Dimensions 1200x560x400 mm Weight Kg 16
  • Crusher destemmer
    .Our crusher-destemmers have a modern and simple design. Their structure has been studied carefully in order to ensure a high productivity besides a simple and effective working. *manual, available in painted steel or stainless steel AISI 304, with hopper chute. *motorised, available in painted steel or stainless steel AISI 304, hopper with feeding screw for the automatic advancement of the grape. For all models, stainless steel grate, removable for quick cleaning. Production 1,8 Ton/h 2,2 Ton/h Working manual motor Kw 0,55 Rollers Ø 95 - L. 220 mm Ø 95 - L. 220 mm Hopper 760x460 mm 900x460 mm Dimensions 1150x460x580 mm 1100x550x580 mm Weight Kg 31 Kg 43 *all data specified as a guide
  • Electric crusher
    • Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers
    • Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production
  • Stainless steel manual crusher
    • Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers
    • Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production
  • Enamel manual crusher
    • Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers
    • Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production
  • Zeta 20-30
    • Semi-centrifugal grape destemmer fixed enamel coated.
    • Machine realized with modern technology for a perfect internal maintenance.
    • The upper part is completely openable. Drum and the inner part are removable.
    • Aisi 304 stainless steel pump. Moved by electric motor single phase or three phase.
  • Zeta 50/A

    The centrifugal destemmer ZETA 50/A keeps the same characteristics of praticity of the ZETA series.

    The difference is in the stainless rotating drum, wich is less likely to become blocked compared to the fixed one, and in the higher output for hour.

    Available enameled coated or stainless steel version.

  • Optima

    The destemmer-crusher machines in the OPTIMA range, have been designed for the soft pressing of the product. The machines are of modern conception and have special details such as the beater speed variator and also a basket in some model. Rubber rollers are adjustable by using two hand wheels and are also mobile. The sheeting of the drum (cage) is made in stainless steel with round countersunk holes to avoid maceration of the fruit and keeps the grapes stem intact. For difficult grapes is available as option the drum plastic made.

    The destemmer-crushers OPTIMA range allow the user to work in several ways: stem and crush, to stem without crushing, or only to crush.
    The machine is supplied with a must gathering tank with a fitting for the connection with suction pumps. Those who want to use monoscrew pumps or elliptical rotor pumps, have just to remove the must tank from its slides.

    The destemmer OPTIMA can be entirely disassembled for cleaning even the most hidden parts.

  • Manual crusher

    Crusher equipped with adjustable rollers.Machines are equipped with agitators for easy production.

  • Fruit/Cherry Destoner
    The Cherry destoner is practical and functional for destoning cherries, apricots, plums, etc. It is made of stainless steel AISI 304 Cherry Production 500 Kg/h Motor Kw 0,55 Hopper 450x400 mm Dimensions 930x510x515 mm Weight Kg 43
  • Fruit Destoner/pulper
    Destoner completely made in stainless steel AISI 304, suitable for small productions. The machine makes a complete separation of the pulp from the inner stone and at the same time exerts a crushing of the fruit, creating a final product suitable for fermentation, fruit juices (making multiple processing) and jams. The possibility of installing screens of various holes allows the use of machinery with multiple product types, and in particular: cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, olives (to extract the pulp). Furthermore, the possibility to adjust the inner blades allows to detect always the most efficient for processing fruit. In the case of large fruit are provided specific applications. Specification 1.5hp motor Capacity of 550kg/hr Dimensions 1100x650x1300 mm, 80kg
  • Jolly 60 Reverse CRUSHER DESTEMMER
    Destemmer crusher ideal for quality winery , by hand or automatically harvest with the possibility to be integrated in any selection line . The crusher is made with soft rubber rollers adjustable , removable , and with independent engine. Destemming basket diameter 400mm and length 1250mm , made professional type antilaceration system . The basket is equipped with the exclusive system of rubber driven. Telescopic legs with adjustable height from 1530 to 1930mm. Loading hopper with independent engine, equipped with a filter for extracting liquid. Opening system front side, and disassembly machinery without the need of any tool. Washing systems integrated. The standard JOLLY 60 REVERSE is equipped with 3 engines: an electronic speed control for destemmer shaft and the basket, a variable speed motor for the loading hopper, a motor for the crusher unit. Features: • Centrifuge professional basket, no laceration type • Adjustable and removable rubber roller, with motor HP 1,5 • Rubber profile screw welded on the basket • Loading hopper with gear speed variator KW 0,37 • Electronic speed variator kw 2,2, for the shaft and the basket • Destemmer shaft with adjustable rubber tips • Automatic cleaning system inside the machine (available for Jolly 60 Reverse) • Filter for liquid inside the loading hopper • Telescopic legs • Backside opening for removing shaft and basket • Back cover in stainless steel • Inox control panel Power HP (Kw) 4,5 (3,3) Hourly Production 4000-7000 kg/h Shaft Speed 350-650 RPM Ø Basket Dimension 300 mm Size 2000x820x1340/1740 mm Weight 180kg