Labelling Machines

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  • Labelling Machines

    Semi automatic labelling machine

    • Suitable for small and medium wine makers who need a rapid and precise labelling system. 
    • This labelling machine is almost entirely made of stainless steel and is very versatile and reliable.
    • The machine makes it possible to apply both front and back labels, but they must wound round on the same bobbin.
    • The labelling time is about 3.5 seconds.
  • Flexlabeller PE

    Construction Material: Polyethylene PE 500

    Rolls Covering: rubber white

    Bolts and Screws: galvanized steel

    Bottle Diameter: from 50 to 120 mm

    Weight: 11, 8 Kg

    Dimensions: 360 / 500 / H 255 mm

  • Semi-Automatic labelling machine R&SB

    This semiautomatic labelling machine can put labels on round and square bottles just by changing the base plate where the bottle sits.

    Applying front and back labels on the same roll. A compressor is needed to run the machine.