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    Our top range, specially designed electric ovens for pizzerias deliver superior performance at low consumption rates. Our ovens are made in stainless steel with a cooking chamber in aluminized steel, suitably insulated with stone wool. They are highly functional, thus guaranteeing a constant temperature and a very good heat preservation with high productivity. They are robust and efficient for those who demand the best to cook homogeneously any kind of good pizza. Front panel entirely in stainless steel Single or Double Chamber Cooking chamber in aluminized steel Pyrometer Cooking surface in food-grade refractory material Internal lighting provided by a 12V halogen lamp 3+3 resistances 2 triple pole thermostats. MADE IN ITALY

    Models available:

    Double chamber:

    GEM99 370kg max temp.500° Kw26,4 int. dim.108x108x14h ext. dim.137x121x75h $5880

    Single chamber:

    GEM6 118kg max temp.500° Kw 9 int. dim. 72 x108x14h ext. dim. 101x121x42h $4250 (with fixed stand)

    GEM4 87kg max temp.500° Kw6 int. dim.72x72x14h ext. dim.101x85x42h $2450 - stand $400 extra

    GEM9 170kg max temp.500° Kw13,2 int. dim.108x108x14h ext. dim.137x121x42h $4950

  • UNIKO Commercial Wood Oven
    Uniko Wood Fired Pizza Oven - UNIKO EST UNIKO is designed to satisfy the massive request from restaurants, agritourisms communities and cuisines in search of a wood oven suitable for the needs of small restaurants and lovers of the traditional "Porchetta". Features Durable Italian Quality Easy Setup and Portable Steel Construction Extremely Efficient 45 Min Preheat Time Convection Fan and Interior Light Thermometer and Timer The exterior of the UNIKO oven is made out of stainless steel. In the interior of the oven, the employment of revolutionary materials guarantees a uniform cooking, perfect for any dish. The careful attention to the needs of customers and the constant care in the realization and support of revolutionary technology make every UNIKO oven long-lasting in time and guarantees impeccable performances. UNIKO had a striking success, certified by top Chefs from well-known restaurants and agritourisms in many counties. The UNIKO oven has also received outstanding recognitions abroad, in particular in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Ireland. The design team of Fontana Forni has been able to guarantee, over the cooking time, a constant temperature for a period of 48 hours with a limited wood consumption equal to 4/6 kg per hour. External measurements: 130w x 135d x 170h The Company Fontana has been manufacturing wood-fired ovens for over 30 years. As a dynamic and modern factory, with its range of external, internal and fitted models, Fontana ovens are able to satisfy any type of requirement and specific request, with professionalism and competence. Even the smallest details are designed to offer an elegant and refined look, high performances, maximum practicality and a quick, perfect, genuine, economy and ecological cooking. The inner structure of the Fontana oven The oven has been fabricated by using sheets metal made of steel, suitable for high temperature use. The oven cooking chamber, made of a special stainless steel, is separated from the combustion area by the following three layers: • layer of steel • impervious bricks • impervious metal plate. Such an internal configuration allows an equal amount of heat distribution inside the oven and prevents the formation of areas with different temperatures, which might prevent a homogeneous baking. The main body of the oven consisting of the combustion area and the cooking area, is covered in a layer of iron wool of an average depth of 80 mm. This allows the constant maintenance of the oven, and avoids the excessive heating of the external steel of the oven as well as the outside, which would cause a reduction of the thermal performance with a consequential increase in the consumption of wood. Oven comes in full stainless steel inside and out. Complete with wheels for easy maneuverability. Complete with food trolley. $18,000.00 Photos show UNIKO oven. Second image intended to show food trolley only. Not the oven. Food and accessories not included.
  • Professional Porchetta Oven
    Ideal for restaurants, markets, fetes, hotels & catering. On wheels easy to move. Full Stainless Steel. Wood-fired oven with cooking system separate from combustion chamber. Cooking chamber in stainless steel and refractory plates on 3 levels, with ventilation and lighting. . Equipped with thermometer and timer, External size : 90 W x 165 D $16,000.00