Pasta Machines

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  • Marcato Atlas 150 'Wellness' - Manual Pasta Machine

    The Marcato Atlas 150 'Wellness' manual pasta machine is without doubt the most popular home pasta machine in the world. With its simple and elegant shape, it is without a doubt the most versatile of all the manual pasta machines.

  • Imperia Pasta Machine

    The domestic hand operated pasta machine is very versatile.

    The standard version will enable you to make many types of pasta, such as spaghetti, tagliatelle, lasagne sheets which can in turn be used to make ravioli and cannelloni. 

    The cutter section can easily be removed and attachments can be purchased separately and added to make other types of pasta, such as linguini, lasagnette and ravioli to name a few.

    Available in other colours.

  • Imperia Pasta Presto

    The elegant and easy to use Pasta Presto is the newest motorised pasta machine by Imperia.  It has a distinctive design and combines functionality and tradition of good home made pasta. 

    The powerful electric motor allows you to make your own pasta sheets of pasta even quicker than before in six different thicknesses and two types of pasta, tagliatelle and spaghetti.

    Recommended for home use.

  • Cavatelli Machine

    The cavatelli machine is used to make a traditional gnocchi shaped pasta originating from southern Italy.

    You can make perfect smooth or ridged gnochetti or cavatelli just by placing a long strip of pasta between the rollers and turning the handle. The pasta is automatically cut and rolled all in one motion while turning the handle.  

    Easy and quick to use.

  • Marcato Pasta & Pizza

    This pasta machine combines the convenience of a mixer with a variety of accessories which makes it very practical for the home pasta maker.

    You can make up to 800gm of dough and different types of dough in just minutes. It compromises 3 accessories for lasagne, tagliolini and fettuccine. As well a cutter accessory for pizza dough, the dough cutter will cut a 220mm round.

    Other accessories available separately are ravioli and lasagnette rice
    Ideal for the home use for small quantities.

  • Marcato Regina

    Regina is a hand-operated machine for making short pasta. This extrusion pasta machine is supplied with five dies which allow you to make a variety of pasta such as Maccheroni, Rigatoni, Bucatini, Fusilli and Maccheroncini.

  • Fattorina extrusion pasta machine
    • Quick, clean, strong and reliable.
    • This pasta machine is ideal for family use as well as small business, making 1.5kg of pasta per dose.
    • Easy to use, just place 1kg of flour, add the wet ingredients, mix for 5 minutes then activate the extrusion.
    • Built in metal, it comes with 4 dies of choice (not including the pasta sfoglia).
    • Up to 15 dies available.
    • Larger modes available suitable for commercial use.