Preserving Pots & Pans

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  • Heavy based stainless steel pot

    Available in various sizes, from 6.7 lt to 58 lt.

  • Copper pots
    • Ideal for preserving
    • The best way to a perfect jam is in a copper pan
    • Copper is the best practical conductor of heat, it cooks faster because it has uniform conductivity
    • Made in Italy  
    • Sizes available approximately 10 lt, 18 lt and 28 lt
  • Aluminium preserving pans
    • Another good pan for jam making
    • Good conductor of heat
    • Available in 11 lt, 15 lt, and 20 lt
    also French Pan
  • 82mm Spare Lid
    82mm diam spare lid. Pack of 100. Available in white, black, silver, gold, red/gold & tomato. Please specify in order what colour is required otherwise any colour will be sent. Subject to availability. Stock changes daily.