Electric Stirring Copper Pot - Flat Base 26cm

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Dimensions: Width 29cm Depth 27cm Height 27.5cm; hem diameter 26 cm; Ø bottom 17 cm, pot height 14 cm

Extractable motor with exclusive bayonet fixing

Pot capacity: 2.5 liters of water and 500 grams of flour

Ideal for preparing polenta or jams

ATTENTION! Product not suitable for induction hobs!

Ardes Electric Stirring Copper Pot - Flat Base 26cm

For Polenta - also suitable for jams, risotto and preserves

Avoid continuous hand mixing thanks to automatic electric stirring. Suitable for use on gas and electric stovetops, and induction with an optional induction plate adapter. Perfect for Polenta, but also suitable for jam, risotto and preserves.

The pot is made of high quality hammered solid copper, made in Italy. Copper is the gold standard for even heat conductivity, meaning perfect cooking every time. The motor is also made in Italy and guarantees performance.

Size is suitable for approx. 8 portions of poletna.

Easy to disassemble for cleaning.


  • 26cm upper diameter
  • 17cm bottom diameter
  • 14cm pot height
  • Solid hammered copper pot
  • Strong 15-watt motor for aluminium stirring arm.
  • Suitable for gas and electric stovetop
  • Induction compatible with an optional induction plate adapter
  • Made in Italy by Ardes

*Image is indicative. Comes with standard Australian Plug.

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