Specialty Pasta Machines

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  • Bigolaro

    The Bigolaro or Torchio per Pasta is a beautiful machine allowing you to make hand made bronze extruded pasta in a traditional way.

    Dies available are the traditional bigoli which is a large spaghetti, as well as tagliolini, tagliatelle and by special request bucatini.

    Stool not included.


    Chitarra means 'guitar' in Italian, which describes this piece of equipment that originated in the central Abruzzo region.

    Very easy to use by placing each sheet of fresh pasta on the wires, and press the sheet through the wires with a rolling pin to cut it.

    The chitarra is double sided offering two varieties of pasta, traditional spaghetti and fettuccini.


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  • Cavatelli Machine
    The cavatelli machine is used to make a traditional gnocchi shaped pasta originating from southern Italy. You can make perfect smooth or ridged gnochetti or cavatelli just by placing a long strip of pasta between the rollers and turning the handle. The pasta is automatically cut and rolled all in one motion while turning the handle. Suitable for ricotta, semolina or flour cavatelli and ready to serve with your favorite sauce in minutes. Made in Italy. Easy and quick to use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble It is practical to clean: it requires neither chemical products nor a dishwasher Please note: These machines are for domestic use. If purchasing for commercial use the manufacturer gives no warranty.
  • Corzetti Mould - Fleur de Lis
    Corzetti mould in Fleur de Lis shaped with decorated bottom diam. cm 5,3 h 5,5
    Makes a Sardinian pasta similar to cavatelli. Wooden malloreddus maker in beech-wood cm 40×60 thick. cm 1

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    Small hand operated pasta extruder machine. Aluminium body, brass worm and plastic dies. Brand FLB (was OMRA)
    Premium cavatelli, gnochetti and orecchiette pasta maker. Designed from heavy duty steel and nylon construction and 100% made in Italy. The Demetra Cavatelli maker stands apart from all other cavatelli pasta makers in the market, offering robust nylon rollers that can produce Cavatelli, Gnochetti and Orecchiette pasta, a first of its kind. The Demetra Cavatelli maker has a heavy duty feel and heavy weight at over 1.6 KG. Included with the Demetra Cavatelli maker is a heavy duty suction base, ideal for suction to any flat smooth surface. Instruction and recipe along with a sturdy handle and nylon pasta guide tray included. How does it work? After preparing your dough and rolling into long strands, you simply pass the dough through the Demetra cavatelli makers rollers. On the under side of the Demetra cavatelli maker is steel patterns, which the rollers press the dough into. You can pick one of three options, by simply moving your dough strand to one of three positions on the rollers. Once you select which pasta you want to make you simply crank the handle and the Demetra cavatelli maker handles the rest. The Demetra cavatelli makers comes with a white nylon pasta guide tray that allows the fresh pasta to roll down the unit once processed. 100% Made in Italy - The Demetra Cavatelli maker is 100% made and manufactured in Italy. All components of the cavatelli maker and all materials are Italian made. The build quality of this cavatelli maker is truly impressive, with heavy steel construction. Production Capability - The Demetra cavatelli maker can handle jobs for home cooks. From small tasks to light professional usage. The build and design of this cavatelli maker and internal gears are designed to last. Roller Dimensions - Roller length 9cm x 3cm diameter Unit Dimensions - Height 20cm x Width 13cm x depth 12cm Dimensions of suction base 11.5 cm diameter Made in Italy 1 year residential warranty. (This product is not warranted for commercial use).

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  • Marcato Otello Pasta Machine - Handmade - Limited edition
    These are a limited run of 2000 handmade pasta machine by Marcato. Each pasta machine is numbered. The Marcato Otello is quite simply a piece of art work, with open concept design showcasing all the components that make Marcato the world's leading home pasta making brand. With the Marcato Otello you can expect the absolute best in pasta making while offering a once in a lifetime limited edition design. The history of Marcato started in 1930 with the intuition of Otello Marcato, who created the first manual pasta machine to make it easier to prepare fresh homemade pasta. Otello is the limited-edition machine that celebrates the original project of the company founder, reinterpreting the brand’s traditional design with modern technologies, quality materials and exclusive finishes. 7 position adjustments for varying thickness Anodized aluminum rollers Polymeric resin combs and scrapers Wooden handle Wooden base Not dishwasher safe Made in Italy