Double BBQ Grill - With Feet 27x27cm

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BBQ Grill – Double with Integrated Feet 27 x 27cm

Double, chrome-plated steel wire grill rack, made in Italy.

Designed to transform the way you cook on your barbecue or campfire! This grill revolutionises BBQ grilling by allowing you to flip your food quickly and easily in one movement.

Great for cooking meals on open fires. Thanks to the integrated feet, it allows you to grill over a embers on flat surface like in fireplace, open fire pit, BBQ or at the opening of a pizza oven.

The locking double mesh design securely holds in the contents, allowing for easy flipping. Perfect for sausages, burger patties, fish and seafood, lamb chops and steaks.

Fine mesh grill allows a variety of small and large products to be put inside the double grill with hinged design.

Made in Italy.

Grill size: 27x27cm

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