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Enolmatic is our best selling single semi-automatic vacuum filling machine. This is the filling machine you are looking for if you desire to increase the production volume of your homemade products, and professionalise the bottling of wine, oil, beer, fruit juices, or other products. Enolmatic is made of high quality plastic materials.The vessel in polycarbonate material is suitable for the filling of both alcoholic products as well as using hot-fill processes. Enolmatic uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank into the bottle.The spout mounted on the machine determines the amount of liquid on the inside of the bottle, allowing the machine to stop filling automatically once it determines the bottle to be full. Easy to use, fast, clean, easy to disassemble, customizable, easy to clean. Semi-automatic machine Fills up to 250 bottles per hour The standard Enolmatic is provided with a plastic spout and food grade silicone gaskets suitable to be used with alimentary products. We sell (optional) stainless steel spouts recommended for hot-fill processes or the bottling of alcohol, as well as viton gaskets for the bottling of chemical products. We sell interchangeable kits for special applications. Some of the kits we offer are the “Beer Kit”, “Frutta Kit”, and “Milk Kit”. Also, an optional Tandem Filter. The Enolmatic Tandem Filter Housing is designed to operate in conjunction with the Enolmatic bottle filling machine. Giving you the opportuny to filter and bottle your products in one go. Easy to use A simple adjustment of the spout determines the level of the liquid inside the bottle. Done that, the machine automatically draw the liquid from the container and stops when the liquid reaches the level previously set. You can also adjust: the spout shaft, to adapt it to bottles of different heights the filling speed, when bottling semi-dense or foaming liquid products Easy to clean Enolmatic is designed to be easy to clean after each use It works with any kind of liquid product Enolmatic can be used with our vast range of kits to bottle any type of liquid product. Bottles, jars, carboys or dams can be filled with wine, oil, beer, liqueur, fruit juice etc. Quality materials Enolmatic is built with high quality plastic materials. The polycarbonate vase is suitable both for filling alcoholic and high temperature products in conjunction with the optional stainless steel spout. The food-grade silicone gaskets can be used for alimentary products. Viton seals are available for the bottling of chemicals. The standard plastic spout can be replaced with a stainless steel spout, recommended for alcohol or high temperature products. Do you have specific needs? Please feel free to contact us! Each product needs specific accessories to be properly bottle. That's why Enolmatic can be configured in many ways: explain us what are your needs and we will prepare the machine perfect for you.


** Not suitable for plastic bottles.


Enolmatic Vacuum Bottle Filler for Wine, Olive Oil, Spirits etc

The Enolmatic Vacuum Filler is a single head vacuum filler for glass and rigid bottles, suitable for wine, oil, beer, fruit juices and spirits. Made in Italy by Tenco.

Enolmatic uses a vacuum pump to draw liquid from the tank and into the bottle – up to 4m away. Thanks to the spout mounted on the machine with automatic cut-off, the Enolmatic will stop filling automatically once the bottle is full.

A one-way flow valve prevents back flow and filling speed can be adjusted by turning a knob. The Enolmatic bottle filler system can handle a large range of bottle sizes of varying heights. It can also be purchased with different heads and accessory kits which enables

At a rate of 250 bottles per hour, the Enolmatic is a great value for both domestic and small winery bottling. Enolmatic is made of high-quality plastic materials. The vessel is made of a polycarbonate material and is suitable for the filling of both alcoholic products as well as hot-fill processes. The system is easy to use, disassemble, and to clean. Simply run water through the system to clean out the lines. The reservoir for excess overfill can be rinsed out or ran through the dishwasher.

The standard model has a plastic spout and food grade silicone gaskets, suitable for alimentary products. Stainless steel and mignon spouts are also available on request.

As an option, the ‘Tandem Filter Housing’ can be equipped with fibreglass or stainless steel filters, to filter while you are filling your bottles.

Features and Specifications:

  • For bottling free running or slightly viscous liquids, such as wine, oil, liqueurs & spirits up to 20% alcohol content. Above 20% the stainless steel head is required.
  • Able to draw product from a container up to 4 meters below the machine
  • Internal neck diameter between 16 to 28mm
  • Bottle height between 180mm and 330mm
  • One filling nozzle (plastic)
  • Silicone gaskets
  • Polycarbonate vessel
  • Maximum fill height:45mm from top of bottle
  • Around 22mm from top of bottle with mignon head
  • Power supply: single phase, 220V, 50Hz
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 200 x 400 x 400 mm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Made in Italy
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