Table Top Paella Pan and Gas Burner Set - 46cm 

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Table Top Paella Pan and Gas Burner Set - 46cm 

Made in Spain.

Create legendary paella with Garcima’s authentic Spanish-made pan and gas burner for a supreme traditional cooking experience!

The Valencia Paella Gas Burner Set features a handy stand for convenient table top use, a 40cm gas burner and a 46cm Paella pan made of hand-spun pan made of high carbon polished steel.

Garcima is the recognised world leader in authentic Spanish manufactured Paella pans. These beautiful pans have been made in Valencia, Spain for many centuries, and this is the paella pan found in most of the homes in Spain.

The classic paella pan is 46cm in diameter, this polished steel pan is perfect for creating the dish’s iconic crust on the base. It has low side walls and two looped and riveted red handles. 

The burner features 2 rings with concentric independently controlled gas rings, meaning you can cook on just the inner ring for a smaller pan or both for a larger one.

Also comes with a gas regulator and hose.

All Garcima burners are approved by the Australian Gas Association.

Enjoy making Spain’s most iconic recipe – whether you’re creating a vegetarian, seafood or mixed meat masterpiece, Garcima’s exceptional quality paella equipment is designed to make cooking this delectable dish and others a breeze.

  • Carbon Steel   
  • Hand wash only.    
  • Dry immediately before storing.

Pan 56x46x6cm

Set 48x70x25cm

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