Tall Aluminium Roasting Pan

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Heavy gauge with folding handles.

Larger sizes are suitable also for wood fired ovens.

Sizes available:

30 cm

35 cm

40 x 28 cm

70 x 45 cm

90 x 50 cm

Tall Aluminium Roasting Pan

Heavy gauge with folding handles.

The larger sized Aluminium Roasting Pans are suitable for wood fired ovens.

Sizes available:

40cm x 28cm x 8cm 

45cm x 30cm x 10cm 

50cm x 33cm x 10cm 

55cm x 36cm x 10cm 

60cm x 40cm x 10cm

About the brand:

Pentole Agnelli cookware has been manufactured in Bergamo, Italy since 1907. "Agnelli cookware is used all over the world, it meets the most sophisticated cooking techniques and it is appreciated by the most established cooks and lovers of good food.

The fundamental requirement for a professional cooking tool, those used by great chefs and catering professionals to be clear, is not the "attractive" design or the particular shape, but is the ability to respond to the needs of those who cook: that is, comfort, practicality, easy handling and, decisive factor, the ability to conduct heat."

Over their 100 year plus history, their philosophy based on research and innovation, have led Agnelli to acquire a solid position of leadership in the professional cookware sector, so much so that today, when it comes to cookware, the name "Agnelli" is synonymous with the best quality production.


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